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Petitioning Chapter of Southeast Missouri State University

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Upcoming Events:

9/27  Fall Initiation Banquet

9/29  Rex Carter
6pm Glenn Auditorium

10/2  Golf Tournament

10/6  Jr. Achievement Program
6pm Glenn Auditorium

10/20  IRS
6pm Glenn Auditorium

11/3  Ruben Brown
6pm Glenn Auditorium
11/17  Dave Seabaugh
6pm Glenn Auditorium


Football Game Schedule

Sat., Oct. 25 at 1:00pm   Sat., Nov. 1 at 1:00 pm                             Sat., Nov. 15 at 1:00pm 
  arrive at 11:00 am     Arrive at 11am     arrive at 11:00 am
  Ushers (6)     Ushers (6)     Ushers (6)
1 James Brandt   1 Amy Albers   1 Carol Janes
2 Leslie Hoff   2 Leni Fluegge   2 Ashley Woods
3 Keith Seiffert   3 Chelsea Criddle   3 Katie Mell
4 Chelsea Criddle   4 Katie Mell   4 Ben Castelli
5 Luke Luckett   5 Ben Castelli   5 Sarah Petitt
6 Jeff Trentmann   6 Stephanie Politte   6 Amber Brewer
7     7 Luke Luckett   7 Luke Luckett
  Ticket Takers (4)     Ticket Takers (4)     Ticket Takers (4)
1 Jill Zoellner   1 Carol Janes   1 Tyson 
2 Josh Funkenbusch   2 Josh Funkenbusch   2 Ester Brooks
3 Tyson   3 Tyson   3 Amanda Thrasher
4 Shaun Willis   4 Amanda Thrasher   4 Brittany Mickel



Congratulations !!

 to the team that finished third in the International Case Competition in Coventry England!! Three of the four team members were BAP members!! Read about it in this article:


Also, Congratulations to our team that participated in the Redhawk Rumble that finished third on Wednesday April 16th!!  The team members were:

Luke Luckett

Kristin Buck

Mary Beth Hicks

Alan Dierker


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Scholarships Available:

MSCPA Scholarship


Important Links

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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

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American Accounting Association

The Institute of Internal Auditors

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