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2008 Regional Meeting

April 4-5

St. Louis, Missouri

Host: University of Missouri-St. Louis

Sheraton City Center


The following link will take you to UMSL's Regional Meeting page.


In order to register for the meeting:

1.  Go to the website and click on Registration on the left panel.  Click the registration link again to go to the international website.  Click on register in the upper right corner.

2.  Fill in the info and select the appropriate type (e.g.-BAP undergraduate student)  Click next.

3.  Fill in the info again with Southeast Missouri State University for our school name.  Select Missouri Valley Regional Meeting.  We will also be attending the Leadership Conference.  Our chapter number is 1354 and our chapter name is petitioning.  Fill in the rest of the info for yourself and we will not be doing any best practices presentations.  Click next.

4.  Select the Leadership conference and Regional meeting boxes for the Missouri Valley Regional meetings.   Click next.

5.  This will then take you to the payment page and you will need a credit card to pay for it.  Print off your receipt afterwards (2 copies) so that we have proof you registered in case of a mix-up as well as for reimbursement purposes.

6.  E-mail me as soon as you are done at to let me know you have finished!!!


If you have any problems call me (573-587-6755) or e-mail me ASAP!!!